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Our Identity


  Naarad, the celestial PR was once responsible to connect the three worlds –  the Gods, the humans and the demons alike… He traversed three worlds, and connected each to the other with his communication skills. And of course, ensured that the three worlds connected and in the end… all is well…

With Naarad as our mentor, we seek to make a difference in the lives of our clients with our Differential and Positive Communication, Brand and Image Building Strategies…

Crisis Management


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Media Relations


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About Us

Knowledge & Experience


 Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they will all agree on though; we deliver outstanding results in Public Relations,  Social Media Marketing and Branding record time. And this is thank


Armed with a cumulative experience of over five decades, our core team spearheaded by seasoned journalists and media professionals, bring to the clinet's table their knowledge and experience that reflects in our Public Relations,  Social Media Marketing abd, Branding  output.

Couple this with humility and the ever-smiling pro-active team that is ready to bend backwards to suit cleint requirements and you have everything you have been seeking in a PR Agency in Naarad

Building Great Reputations


Every business needs an effective custodian to manage their  Image Strategisation and  Communication needs. Be it PR, Image, Marketing or Release or simply Media Relations, at Naarad, we work on the principle of using communication as an effective tool.

By working on a strategy in sync with client goals, we try and draw a definitive staircase to help the client climb the ladder of success...

We believe in pro-active PR. We work on client strategies, and conceptualise cost-effective, tailor-made events to suit client requirements. And generate media mileage through the same, besides integrating our clients in causes and events that suit their brand and image. 

And of course, the end goal is always to build great everlasting reputations...

Earned, Not Purchased


In the era of purchasable media, we still believe tthose who truly wield the pen have an unquenchable penchant for exciting stories. And this belief in eraned not purchased space works for us, most of the time...


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